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Five Elements Integrative Therapy Academy, LLC offers An Education In Clinical Myomassagology, Merging Modern and Ancient Healing Arts

The Five Elements are continually evolving and changing within you, and some elements become stronger and more dominant at different stages in life.  The Five Elements help explain physiology and pathology within the body.  Each element has unique characteristics and are associated with season, weather, color, personality type, and symptoms/disease states.

Behind the name...

The harmonious balance of the FIVE ELEMENTS are the key components of a healthy life.  In Chinese philosophy the Five Elements of Fire, Earth, Metal, Wood and Water are the five basic aspects of Qi, or life energy.  

These five elements are interconnected and interdependent. The harmonious balance of ‘the five elements’ are key components of a healthy life.

Our program offers The 5 Elements:

FIRE:  Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, Movement, Exercise, Heat Therapy

EARTH:  Hot Stones, Mud and Salt Treatments

METAL:  Sound Therapy with Singing Bowls, Use of Crystals (Crystals are considered metal in the Five Element Theory) 

WATER:  Aquatic Therapy, Intro to AI (Aquatic Integration), Craniosacral Fluid (CSF) Therapies such as Myofascial Release and Craniosacral Therapy (CST)

WOOD:  Treatments using essential oils made from trees, bark, roots and flowers

Although Five Elements Integrative Therapy, LLC is predominantly a Western-based myomassology program, the integration of the Chinese Five Element theory is studied for the purpose of understanding personality traits, assessing a client’s needs and healing trauma.  During the Shiatsu and Aquatic Therapy courses in our curriculum, the knowledge is beneficial. 

Our Mission

The mission of the Five Elements Integrative Therapy Academy, LLC is to enrich the quality of life though the healing power of touch and awareness. We foster the foundations of individuals from student to professional; instilling confident, ethical, efficient and professional habits while empowering the uniqueness and creativity of trainees in a safe, compassionate environment.

Our Values


5EITA encourages empowerment within its students to truly believe that they are conduits of healing and that their talents are loved and appreciated by clients, peers, our community, and our world.



We invite students to join us in open communication and therapeutic touch, based awareness, compassion, honesty and trust.


We value integrity as an essential part of practicing healing arts. This includes the ability to practice accountability for actions, words, presentation and a clear sense of ethical boundaries.


Mindfulness is self-awareness by exploring the attributes of our human experience. By embracing our vulnerabilities and strengths we encourage personal-growth and expand into a fuller range of being alive.


Respect for all is the 5EITA cornerstone value. We are committed to compassionate communication and touch with empathy and acceptance.


Accountability is the ability to self-reflect on the effects of one's actions within the community. We want people who willingly commit to do the right thing and to take responsibility for it.

Five Elements Integrative Therapy Academy Goals: 

  • To provide students with safe and supervised learning experiences  which promote the health and well-being of themselves and their clients. 
  • To provide a thorough working knowledge of the structure and function of the human body, and the theory and practice of therapeutic massage modalities.
  • To prepare students to become qualified and confident massage therapists.
  • To help students develop professional work habits.
  • To provide guidance for students in career choices and job placement. 
  • To provide an uplifting atmosphere abundant in love and laughter.

Would you like time to discover your purpose?

An education with us opens doors and opportunities to move forward and start your own professional massage therapy career. 

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