“My dream has been to start a Massage Therapy Academy in the Copper Country…This area is full of beautiful natural elements such as one of the largest fresh water lakes, Lake Superior and it is one of my inspirations to incorporate these local elements of nature and use my knowledge of the five Chinese elements: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood.  I’m passionate about teaching massage therapies and my hope is to give others the same opportunity to start their own businesses and serve others.”    -Sonora

About the Founder

Sonora Byrd Hodges is a compassionate Licensed Massage Therapist approaching two decades of experience in the Clinical Massage Therapy profession.  Sonora is also a seasoned business owner, a Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Kinesiology Tape Practitioner and Aquatic Therapist.

Finlandia University
Institute of Natural Therapies
Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai, Thailand
National Academy of Sports Medicine
Aquatic Integration Institute
Sonora combines her training to provide a well rounded approach; addressing acute pain, stress, muscle imbalances, releasing overactive muscle and activating underactive muscle. Human movement science and postural analysis are key in assessing the structure of a person suffering with muscular imbalances, postural related misalignments, repetitive motion work related injury, sports related injury, prevention and post injury rehabilitation.  
Sonora has accomplished a wide range of career ventures such as providing soothing spa treatments, detox treatments, medical massage therapy in a clinical setting, prenatal and pediatric care, provider at sporting events, and providing backstage therapy for musical artists such as Kid Rock, Alice Cooper, Rod Stewart, and many others.  
Sonora is also known in the community as a muralist and brings these artistic techniques into the classroom for Anatomy Art Classes.  Sonora’s demonstrative, creative, enthusiastic teaching style will captivate individuals yearning for a purposeful and powerful health and wellness career.  The LMT career possibilities are vast, unique and rewarding! 

Welcome to Five Elements Massage Therapy

My massage therapy business has expanded over the last few years with a growing number of satisfied clients.  I’ve build a reputation as a massage therapist who offers different levels of massage, each custom to my clients of all ages.